Liberati Pursuit Pista & Olympia Pista

I've just been offered these two extremely lovely Italian framesets directly from Italy but cannot justify either of them, unfortunately. Liberati (size "53") comes with the pictured parts as well as a second drilled-for-brakes 650 forks and some Campagnolo cranks too. If you're interested, send me an email and I will send back the contact details of the seller. There are plenty more photos and I believe worldwide shipping can be arranged.

All right, both frames are apparently now sold. Congratulations for the new owners.

La retardo vuelta de Puente Nuevo – The Movie

La retardo vuelta de Puente Nuevo – The Movie from Martin Lang on Vimeo.

"La retardo or “Retarden” is a bikerace for one geared bikes. The race is arranged once a year by different clubs on different locations in Sweden. This year it was the sixth year and the NIEUWEBRUG FIETS-CLUB with Lukas and Magnus that was holding the rally flag. And they did that like no other. 120km trough the woods of Småland. Almost 50 people showed up and fought for there lives. A day full of Hornet attacks, crashes and people that got lost in the woods."


Via Prolly.



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In the Land of Contradictions

"Retired Philadelphia Police Captain, Ray Lewis, being arrested on November 17th, 2011 at the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York City."

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Shortcuttin' w/ Lance

 While we're still in the CX mood, and because I never saw this before. Thanks Paulus!

"In the early twentieth century, nothing conveyed the modern spirit of mobility, freedom, and independence better than the bicycle. When a pretty athletic girl was included, she added sexual desirability to the mix -- a sleek human machine joined to the manufactured machine. To many observers, this novel combination was exciting and perhaps a little frightening."

The photo & quote is actually from a quite fascinating article "Venus with Biceps: A Pictorial History of Muscular Women" at Brainpickings.

(Thanks Jesse.)

Back In The Days...

... when road cycling was still truly Epic. Or just bit more like cyclocross today, maybe?

"Photos of the Vuelta a Colombia in the early 1960s, by Horacio Gil Ochoa" via Cycling Inquisition.

Vivalo Cyclocross Special

Just came across photos of this sweet custom fixed / single speed cyclocross frame by Kusaka-san and his newly re-launched Vivalo-brand. There was that Kinfolk "Urban Bike" built also by Kusaka already but the fact that more and more of these keep popping up everywhere indicates that dedicated steel sscx frames are becoming the thing to be riding. And why not?

See the whole photoset here.

EDIT. And this, it's bit different, though...

Bingo Time!

Scotty Chapin Air

Photo by Ted Ketai.

The Daring Feats Of A Trick Rider // The Art Of Trick Riding

Rad tricks in the Scientific American, May 13, 1899.

From here.

Racing On Italian Steel

People still actually race on nice vintage steel track bikes in many places, like these guys in Estonia. From the performance point of view it would probably make sense to sell these bikes on Ebay and get some contemporary aero aluminum instead but hey, steel is real, right?

(Thanks to Jii for digging up the pics.)

RE:Products Project -> VIVALO Reborn

It seems that Kusaka-san's Vivalo brand has been relaunched in Japan. No traces of Keirin track bikes on the site at the moment though, just traditional steel road bikes instead.

As my Japanese skills are bit rusty for the moment Google Translate tells us, somewhat cryptically:

"VIVALO lineup was only ever full order frames.This time, experience the handmade chromoly frame more peopleIf you think please, let me hang the frame in addition to the lineupSubmitted.

Even if the frame hanging, size 8 size and color from 3 colorsYou can choose. In addition, Comfort Space, Mr. EAST RIVER CYCLESHutte 8to8's three stores, the original color of each shopAnd let me also available. So, you can choose from six colors.

 All geometries have been referring to the load frame produced so farI was allowed to DRESSCODE designed from scratch.Please come and look here for the first time the real chromoly frame? ! !"

For more info:

TCB Courier: Pizza + Candy // Midnight Mover

 Both such awesome clips, bro!

 Damn, I used to listen to Accept as a teenager back in the day.

First World Problems

Via Landlords.

IBM presents: Alley Cat (tm)

´Thanks Olli.

Found: List of Things to Pack for a Cycling Trip

This so awesome I had to steal it from Chainthug.

It's a list of things to pack for a cycling trip longer than 100 kilometres but less than 300 kilometres. And he found it between an old cycling book "Cykling och Cykelsport" from 1934!

I'm not gonna translate the full list but the point is that while it's old it's also almost completely modern, just all the basic stuff you would pack with you today. Things like basic tools, spare tubes, some clothing, a tooth brush, towel, a clock (which is a MUST according to the list), a drink flask, a map etc.

And according to the list for a trip longer than 300km you may also want to bring along some extras like "a photography machine" and "a spare pedal and axle".

Kautta viiksieni! Taistelu jatkuu!

Via Cycle In HEL.

Pic of the Day

Tom Meeusens jumps the ditch at Niel Jaarmarktcross 2011.

Photo from here.

RoadToPista track dropout adaptor Road2Pista

"This is a Road to Pista vertical dropout adaptor. The ROADTOPISTA adaptor enables to fit a track rear wheel with a 120mm spacing onto a 130mm spacing road bike. Additionally, it reduces the seat angle, steering angle and it lifts the bottom bracket, making a road bike more similar to a track bike. I have invented it! It works better then ever thought."

I already 'featured' this interesting invention recently but I just came across more pics and info on it. However, I'm not going to tell you where to get it. For your own safety. Sorry guys.