Raleigh - The All-Steel Bicycle

Lion stole the Raleigh, I stole the images from Lumikko. 

Cinelli Laser Stayer

This Cinelli Laser Stayer bike as well as the older stayer bike below, both from slo:motion's Flickr, has been recently posted all over the webz but now what's really going on here...?

Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act !!!

"Sopa and Pipa are, quite simply, an attempt to create a privatised form of international censorship, and because the censorship would have to be nearly total to be effective, they would have a profound and chilling effect on any form of public conversation among ordinary citizens. It would render the internet a place where the only content to be seen or heard or read is produced by professionals, with the rest of use relegated to the role of pure consumption."

F*CK PREMIUM RUSH. Because ...

... COURIER CRISIS is the real O.G. 'ish.

And of course there will soon be some lame Premium Rush game in the shops.

Pelagon uusi 1-v miestenpyörä

meiltä on tulossa keväällä myös uusi 1-v miestenpyörä.


korkeus 495mm, pituus 525mm / kulmat HT72°, ST74.5°
korkeus 525mm, pituus 540mm / kulmat HT73°, ST74°
korkeus 555mm, pituus 560mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
korkeus 585mm, pituus 580mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
korkeus 615mm, pituus 600mm / kulmat HT73°, ST73°
Huom. korkeus C-C 
1 1/8'', haarukan pituus 378mm A-C
Emäputket 95mm/122mm/150mm/178mm/208mm
Lokasuojat sopii 32 mm renkaan kanssa
BB drop 65mm
CS 400-425mm tai pitemminkin 405mm on minimi jotta ketjunkin voi saada päälle.
120mm takanavalle

Erilaisille telineille kiinnityspisteet edessä ja takana
Kompliitin hinta vähän alle tonnin (ilman lokasuojia)

Double-butted 4130 crmoa

Väri yönsininen
Kompliitista tulee ainakin kaksi versiota: Dropilla ja taakse taivutetulla tangolla
Myydään myös runkosettinä, hinta 395e



Meanwhile in Athens, Greece

"Fixed Gear in Athens for the TV show '2 Petalia Dromos'"

In any case these dudes appear pretty untouched by Greece's troubled economy, judging by the rate they're skidding out their tires. Which is cool.

Kraftwerk - Tour de France

Path of the Track Bike

Level 1 is pre-derailleur.
Level 2 is roots (needs a section for “the collector”. They supplied many fine vehicles for 3-5)
Level 3 is where it really begins.
Level 4 finalizes the style
Level 5 marks the entry of non-messenger, non-cyclists. Its also the shortest time segment. (This is where the most deviations within the messenger community developed-aluminum frames and bars, the worst. Goofy “punk” accessories next.)
Level 6 is the explosion. Style bastardized
Level 7 is Babylon. No Style
Level 8 isn’t on the chart-Its all the deviations and cliques formed without influence of 1-4. It really has nothing to do with us, or cycling. It follows the current streetxwear/skateboard/bmx industry map.

I stole this from the Landlords because it is IMPORTANT.
Read and learn. Know your Roots.

The Next Level

Cyclocross Varjo SM 2012 // VPCX Stylin'

The unofficial shadow Cyclocross Finnish Championships today at Louhela/Kaivoksela, Vantaa.

First batch of photos has surfaced, here. Plenty of people showed up and raced despite the snowy and icy conditions and the course was hard and technical just like it should be. Geared cx bikes were dime and dozen like always but here are photos of the best different styles, in the true VPCX spirit.

So Good.

Also, painfully ON POINT.

Thanks, Jesse.

Waka Wanha Vikseedkiärmiäs

RokPete did the one above, Osku the on below. I can dig both.
There's some profoundly mythological folklore 'ish right there!

Angel Race NYC 1999

Peter Sutherland's short film about NYC's 4th Annual July 4 Bike Messenger Race.

Even if 1999 is really not all that long ago, this is like the roots, the history, the originators. Plus I'm really loving the period correct soundtrack. Now let's go and wrap plenty of inner tube around our "messenger bike" frames.

Shared by Squid on Youtube via Prolly and all that.

Good Things International Webstore is Open!

The Good Things International webstore is now finally open. Go ahead and buy their awesome t-shirts and warm & lovely beanie caps, I know you want them. They'll ship worldwide of course.

-> http://www.goodthingsinternational.com/ 

"The Miserable Champion"

Chainsaw Productions - Palmer "The Miserable Champion" from Chainsaw Productions on Vimeo.

Teh Most Awesomest Cinelli MASH Build

Seriously though, people who post their new fixy bieks to internet galleries and forums should quit calling them "builds". Because that's just stupid, you might have attached some parts on it but you didn't really build it.

This is semantics, but still: some unknown and very likely way underpaid person at some unknown faceless factory somewhere over in Taiwan or mainland China actually built a bicycle frame with the help of robots and big scary machines. It was imported to your country. Then you bought it. Then you probably took it to your LBS where someone installed some parts on it, you paid for their services and rode it home to get photos of it to post it on teh interwebz.

Too Small Bikes 2

TOO SMALL BIKES 2 from Julius on Vimeo.

Obviously no fixed bikes here but if you even dream of doing some mad tricks on yo sweet fixie brah, you need to study this clip very very carefully.

Brand new flatland BMX movie from Finland, you can read more about the riders etc. here.

I'm happy to discover that the example our man Martti Kuoppa set and his influence on younger riders is still livin' and strong. Respect!

It should also maybe noted that at least one of the riders featured, Aapo, rides a fg bike too and he showed us some time ago how to do fifty+ backward circles in a row just like that, until no one could keep counting anymore.

Seen in Shibuya, Tokyo

Sign of the times for 2012. The Fixie Apocalypse is finally here?

Here's another interesting "build" out of Tokyo to further prove the point: