Alleycat Sponsor Profile: CYCLODELIC

Cyclodelic make bags, accessories and clothing:

"CYCLODELIC combines thousands of miles of pedaling experience with the simple goal of creating beautiful CLOTHING and ACCESSORIES for WOMEN who don't want to forfeit fashion over function when arriving by bike.

After success selling their bicycle accessories range through the TOPSHOP flagship store on Oxford Street during the Summer of 2009, CYCLODELIC are launching their first women's clothing collection this October which will be available online through

Expect heavenly soft antibacterial CASHMERE base layers, tailored WATERPROOF JACKETS and glamorous SOFT SHELLS in Autumn hues. "

Cyclodelic is a brand just for girls, so I shall embrace my feminine side for this! The Cyclodelic bags and accessories are lovely, well designed and hand made in London. If I was a girl I'd be all over the ankle cuff they do and the large messenger bag is way more classy than the "snazzy" ones you usually see. They also organise events for private companies, local authorities and charities which is really cool. If you are a lady and you cycle then be sure to click the lovely photos below to go to the site, even if you are not a lady go there and get something for your lady, she'll love you all the more for it!

cyclodelic girls womens ladies cycling clothing accessories

cyclodelic girls womens ladies cycling clothing accessories

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Saw a post on empty beer about summer memories... I've been wanting to do a photo blog for some time about my memories of years gone by, but I figured a summer blog would be more fun. So... technically I'm starting with Memorial Weekend. Sue me.

Summer 2009!


The actual start of summer

Alleycat Sponsor Profile: URBAN HUNTER

Urban Hunter is an online shop that has this to say about itself:

"Urban Hunter is all about being on the bike in the city and the kit that goes with it, mixed together with our love of track and road racing. This is functional urban cycling gear made by people who care about their products, allowing you to get out on the bike and look good while riding."

I think of Urban Hunter as being a bit underground, I don't know if I am right but going to the site is a bit like finding a brilliant shop that you've never heard of but feel like you should have been to a loooooong time ago. They sell, mostly, clothing and bags and have a huge selection of both as well as a bunch of accessories like tool pouches, wallets and top tube protectors. Their selection of fixed gear specific t-shirts is next to none so make sure to leave the t-shirt page on the computer for your other half to see if your birthday is coming up, haha.

Clickity click the products below to go to the site...

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urban hunter cycling bags clothing accessories

urban hunter cycling bags clothing accessories joy division t-shirt fixed gear fix trackosaurus rex

"The rest is silence."

Well, today was my last race of 2009. It's been a pretty long season, and I think it's been a good one.

I am really glad to be done. Today was a difficult race. First of all, it was my first race in a long time that I had no competition. It's always difficult to push through pain and lingering sickness, but when you are out there alone it doesn't make it any easier to keep pushing! I had a few strong moments, but mostly I was just waiting for the finish line :)

As always, the singletrack was awesome, but pushing through the fire roads was tough at times.

I plan on taking about 7 days off the bike entirely. Justin is already balking. Me? I'm looking forward to the planned break. I need it mentally, physically, and emotionally. We've got some fun stuff planned, and then, I am sure, sooner than we know we'll be back to training.

For now, let's break it down. One last time.

Last week, I had a head cold. It started to come back on Saturday, which I wasn't really stoked about. A day of full rest, and I was back to my wacky insomnia.

Justin decided he wanted to spend the weekend camping up at the lake with his mom. So, we drove up Friday night. I stopped to get some ice and beer on the way up and had a super unfortunate event.

The remnants (keep reading...)

We got up there, got set up, and got to making dinner.

James and Ryan, these are for you!

"I think we're gonna need a bigger boat."

The rest of the remnants... I'm still really sad about this.

I had packed our coffee mugs, and just driving across the street to the grocery store the bag must've gotten all up-ended and out fell my coffee mug when I opened the door.

The view from camp on Saturday

Justin and I left from camp and pre-rode the last half of the course -ish. It was good times. My HR was a bit higher than my RPE, but the legs felt good. My head cold wasn't feeling so hot, though.

We finished up with just about an hour thirty, stopped by Bear Valley and talked to Derek and Steve, and headed back to camp to eat and "ice bathe".

I took a short nap, then we registered. Then it was time for dinnah!!!

I was so hungry I didn't even get a shot of the finished product.

I actually woke up super nervous today. Even after I got Joy's email that she was out due to illness, I expected Natasha, or Heather, or some un-expected Euro-Pro to show up. I stood there by the Pro Women 11:01 sign and no one showed up. Except Larry Longo. He wanted to race Pro Women. Lucky for me he stayed in his own category!

I struggled a bit between feeling sick, feeling tired, my legs just not showing up at all, and wanting to still make a good showing, despite being the only Pro female out there!!

My time was respectable, but not great. I soft pedaled a few descents, and basically just got through it.

I was thoroughly trashed in many ways post-race.

Oops, deleted my victory dinner picture. Yogurt, granola, blueberries, whey protein, and red wine. By myself. Oh ya.

2009 - thanks for the memories.

PS - 20 points to whoever can name the quote in the title.