Briefly, by request

This week was the last night of racing at the track for the season. Some clown races, odd kits, and the shortest possible Black Jack Points Race (less than 15 laps!). If ending it quickly wasn't enough, it also pissed off Super-Rookie. Double plus! I crashed in a track-stand competition trying to ride circles around an armoured Chris Ferris. I guess that's fitting. Two wins, one funny crash, and I tied up the TROY competition. Pretty successful.

Also in racing this month...

Ferris and I teamed up and won the state madison, taking the race on points from Sickboy
Kruse and Ben Dubay, the latter having stepped in to take the place of a shoeless Ben Richter. The next night it was the Big German and I up rode together in the first ever Friday Night Grind madison races and walked away with wins in every event of the evening. Sweet. It wasn't until the next week that I realized I had raced both nights in an 86 inch gear. This made Sickboy mad (or at least frustrated). With two nights of wins, does that make this a triple plus? I think so.

Track repairs tomorrow, then back to training. Rumors abound that I may get to race the madison at Elite Nat's with Adam Bergman. That would be awesome. We'll see what happens.