Been busy!

Work has been about as busy as training lately, so not much blog-love. I know you guys love it when I go on and on and on about what I'm doing and eating.

Not specifically a photo blog, but here goes...

The weekend after Ray's we tried to set up to get back in the swing of big weekends on the bike. Fairly successful as we did a near-century on Saturday from up the highway to the coast and back, and then followed it up with a few hours on the dirt (it had been far too long for me) on Sunday with Steph and Dan.

Got in some solid training in between on the road, then we hit up a desert-style training camp this past weekend near Palm Springs. Did a roadie up near Joshua Tree, and hit up a solid few hours of singletrack yesterday.

Meanwhile, I also got my first order from CycleOps in the mail last week! Aluminum rollers followed by my mountain bike power tap. SAWEET. Waiting on rims and spokes right now so Justin can build it up! Can't wait to have some power metrics from dirt also.

Last Sunday, after the storm(s) we hit the dirt again, and I had a blast on Justin's HT

Stephanie was "fresh" off of her 12 Hours of Temecula Pro/Expert Win!

This past weekend on the road again...

The boys are nice enough to let me pull sometimes so I can obsessively hold all of my zones.

We stopped for a quick break before heading into what we thought was a road closure. So, we didn't fill up our bottles. As we road head first...into the desert...

Long road ahead with some awesome scenery

Ahhh...water at last

Check out this mini banana! Random, I know. Phone is for reference only

Luke brought out some killer wines for the evening. I really dig the Wiens Family Cellars Crowded.

Sunday we got up and headed for the "mountains" to hit some singletrack. Pretty perfect day, if I may say so myself. I was carrying a bit of fatigue monster on my back, but managed to pull out a decent climb near the end before we descended back to the trailhead. Felt pretty good.


Crouching Justin

Steph muscles it around



Needless to say, didn't want to come back to work! Ah, the life...