CSU Weekend of wind and rain

Thank you CSU for putting on a great road race and the most MISERABLE crit of my life. Though I can now say that I have experienced freezing rain AND hypothermia. Woo hoo!

Also, thank you VeloNews for covering the weekends racing: Click Here for some more pictures

The weekend went something like this:

1. Wake up for windy road race, but very sunny which was nice. 2 1/2 hours of wind and another small field, but we took 1st, 2nd in a break and i got 4th with my teammate Kaila getting 5th. I took 2nd in the field sprint which is good for me! And had it not been for a miss-shift I might have won it! But in the end I ended up with 5th and Kaila 6th becasue of our minute penalty for MISSING the start! Bahaha!

2. I have no other words for the crit other than C-O-L-D. The start of our race was nice, then 10 seconds in it started raining, freezing rain, then some more frigid wind, and yes one crash...I would call that a successful spring crit! Missy took the win in a field sprint and I sprinted for 3rd! Woo!

3. Hypothermia was fun, the EMTs wrapped me up like a baked potato to keep me warm, and I got a great ab workout from shivering so much! I would say a great end to the coldest crit EVER EVER!

Photo Cred: Chris Hall
Photo Cred: Brittany Clawson