Blog Introduction: Velo Helsinki Style Blog

It's been a while since I last picked out an interesting new blog. So this came right on time:

"This photo blog is about documenting the looks of cyclists in Helsinki. We think they are awesome! So we try to do our best to give our fellow riders the credit they deserve."

The almost brand new Velo Helsinki @ seems to take their inspiration from a certain original Danish female cyclist stalking blog that spawned thousand copycats as well as from the infamously ridiculous Hel Looks Helsinki street style blog.

I'm entirely sure what to think about the Velo Helsinki but I know for a fact that especially the comments added to the photos already induced some teeth grinding somewhere. Also, I guess it's not like everybody who will end up being photographed riding out on town and minding their own business will be super thrilled about ending on some style blog to be "flattered" with nice comments on their awesome bike or personal style.

Anyhow, despite all this let's hope the guys will keep busy and up the good work portraying HKI cyclists' styles.