Our campsite in Wyoming, somewhere between Cheyenne and Laramie. We had our hammocks strung between old billboards on the side of I-80 when some guy drove by and told us to get out.

The points race at Alpenrose gets started...

I was feeling good, and even though only about 5 people weren't going to make the cut, I kept driving the pace and mixing it up in sprints.

Anne was nice enough to not only let us stay with her, but to drive us back and forth to the track while my car was getting repaired. Kate must have been feeling exceptionally affectionate towards her big sister here...

Dan Harm made it out for some of the racing, but didn't really do much in terms of results. Mikey wants to think that he was juicing when he won the pursuit, points race, and overall at collegiate nat's last year. The announcer in Alpenrose simply called him "a big strapping lad."

The Aussies were duking it out for the win in the miss and out. Ultimately it was Jeff Hopkins beating compatriot Bradley Paine at the line. Not content to stop there, Hopkins also won the madison with Chad Hartley, and took the kierin from some huge dudes, including the massive Canadian national team rider, Matt Barley. What a stud.

Warming up with Carrie Higgins (America's Dairyland) before the madison. Along with being super friendly, she's brutally fast, winning a bunch of events on the weekend, and taking the women's overall by a comfortable margin. It's even more impressive to realize that she's only been racing for 2 years, and this is her first full season competing on the track.

That's right, this is a picture of me drilling it in the madison, with Jeff Hopkins on my wheel. If you could see his face, you could tell that it's a combination of terror and extreme exertion. Or maybe placidity. I'm not sure.

The average speed of the points race was over 44 km/hour. With a pace like that, a field this big, things were strung out from the start, and never really slowed down. I took my sole point in the first sprint, and proceeded to spend the next 105 laps convincing myself not to drop out. I didn't, and while the combined effects of the two crashes made it a suffer-fest, I'm glad I stuck it out. All I can do is tell myself that it was making me faster.