Moving On

In their ongoing attempt to eschew journalistic credibility, and Super-Rookie* have let the cat (or cats) out of the bag, but not without first kicking it around a bit, painting it a different color, and generally confusing the hell out of it.

So with that in mind, here's how things are really going to go down in the next few months:

1. Despite what you may have heard on BTDC, there will be no Tasmanian Xmas Carnivals for me. I do plan on racing the Burnaby 6-day in Vancouver over New Years though. Super-Rookie will be excited to learn that his favorite ex-hobo, Svein Tuft, should be there.

2. Following that, I will be going to sherpa school in Patagonia. 3 months of walking and paddling around one of the wildest places on Earth, the MCF blogosphere not withstanding.

3. When I get back in April, I plan to move out to Colorado Springs to race and train with some of the Cody Racing guys, but just what the team structure will be is unknown. I might even get to stay with Speedfix out there. We'll see.

So there you have it.

*I can't vouch for Homme's journalistic standards. He may well be a mere cog in the mass-media machine Super-Rookie is endeavoring to build.