About a month ago Adrian and I found ourselves stumbling around the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. A few hours later and we were unwillingly thrown into a race at Alkmaar.

We got rocked. We chalked most of it up to jet lag and inexperience with the Euro racing style. Then yesterday I found this. Jens Mouris is the local who got paired up with Tom Murray that night. Tom later said that all through the madison Jens was going to the front and hammering the pace, then telling Tom that he had to go faster. I guess that's what you do when you win World Cups by taking two laps on the field.

Mouris and Schep on their way to winning the madison at the Sydney World Cup this weekend.

The really crazy thing? Tom and Jens didn't win that race. The Australian duo did. Then they went on to crush everyone at the Dortmund Talent Cup.

The Aussies, Miles Oldman and Leigh Howard, on their way to winning the madison at Alkmaar. I think one of them is still a junior, and the other is only 18 or 19. Oh yeah, and they have something like 6 junior world championships between them.

I'd venture a guess that we got blown out that night for far more significant reasons than sleep deprivation.