Sore Feet

Last week I invested in a pair of cycling shoes lean and mean and brilliant for cycling with their rigid soles but not the best thing for walking around Penzance putting finishing touches to the Golowan Grand Treasure Hunt.
Penzance is a lovely town of granite and slate and sea. The more I look the more I see.
Sad reminders of immortality disappearing shops quirky windows Egyptian myth and everywhere John the Baptists head neatly served up on its plate.The banners are up ready for Golowan, this year they are ranged in rainbow colours.Last year hotel guests complained their flapping in the wind kept them awake but we can still enjoy them down by the pool side cafe and along the PromTraining went by the board but I had a lovely time wandering the town:cycled 30 miles, swam at Skilly and got sore feet - it was great.
See you at 2.30 on 21 June at the Barbican for the Grand Treasure Hunt, you may not win a prize but I hope you will enjoy the treasure that is my local town.
Grand Golowan Treasure Hunt
Meet at 2.30 outside the Golowan Office, The Barbican(next to the Dolphin pub)
'Test your powers of observation almost to the limit as you are led through the byways at the historic heart of Penzance' £2 per sheet of clues