A weekend half off

The weather was fantastic, the Cornishman was doing money-off vouchers and there was an early sailing so it was worth setting the alarm extra early and resisting that initial urge to go back to sleep. I love everything about the Scillonian from the cheerful faces in the little booking office along the quay to the view of the coast line slipping past, the chugging engines and the queue for coffee and the first jagged outline of the Scilly Isles appearing on the horizon. We took a boat trip to Annet and were rewarded by puffins doing everything puffins are meant to do: circling around looking as aerodynamic as Cornish pasties with wings, bobbing on the waves before upending to dive down, sitting under tufts of thrift guarding their nests. How do such vulnerable things survive the winter months in the cruel seas off Newfoundland?
Seals basked in the sun and shags hung their wings to dry
No cycling for a day but back in the saddle for 40 miles on Sunday. Going up Bone Valley I realised what is meant by 'dappled shade'