Quick update

Wow, it's been probably a week since I've read any blogs, and it looks like I missed a lot! Skimmed most of my usual's today. Work has been crazy (still is, no sign of stopping), training started up again, and it seems like we are never home!

Good to be busy in all facets of life, I guess.

Closing in on the end of Prep and the beginning of Base starting up this weekend. My work schedule next month is weird, and with the workload I can already feel some problems coming my way with my weekday schedule. Should make for some interesting "flexibility" with the plan!

First things first. Last week Justin got a moto. We are not fiscally responsible people, and generally when we want something eventually we get it. Justin had been wanting a dual-sport for probably as long as I wanted an iPhone. Now, I didn't get an iPhone, but I suppose that is in the details. Also, I got mine with birthday money. teehee.

I took Thanksgiving to sleep in and get a late start, and then Justin and I decided to head to the gym for a quick leg sesh before hightailing it south to cook dinner at his moms'.

I'm pretty surprised with the recent gains I've been making in the gym on leg day. In the past 5 weeks I've about doubled my leg press and squat rack weights. I chalk it up partly to getting used to the exercise, partly to not sandbagging, and partly maybe diet. The last one is highly subjective.

Since we made Thanksgiving dinner it was pretty paleo. Oven baked turkey, paleo butternut squash, and string beans (I know these may or may not be ok on the paleo plan, but it's a wash). I had a glass of wine with dinner (my first in about a week and a half). Amazing how that stuff just goes right to your head when you aren't used to it! It was a pretty quiet day, and we got home at a decent hour.

Friday I got up and hit up some quality trainer time for a drills session while Justin worked like mad to clean up our garage. It looks spiffy now.

Saturday we woke up to some wet ground, as was forecasted. It's days like Saturday that I hate when the weathermen are right! Justin worked on getting me a SS ready to ride (the Dos Uno Niner had been in pieces since mid-October) and after we took what seemed like forever to get packed and ready to go (he was going to head out on the moto to do some recon and riding and meet me at Blue Jay), finally I got on the road around 11:30 or so. Sky was clear and gorgeous, temps were chilly, but it seemed like an opportune afternoon for a ride when I started at San Juan. The climb up was pretty uneventful, with a few groups descending. Only passed 2 climbers on the way up.

I made it to Cocktail in an hour, and cleaned most of what I have previously on the Epic, so was stoked to be climbing pretty strong on the SS. It's so.much.FUN. A few guys pulled up to Cocktail from the loop while I was leaving Justin a voicemail, and after a quick snack I headed up the trail. The skies were looking fairly ominous up by Santiago Peak, but I had already determined it was going to be a beautiful day, so didn't worry too much. Once I got to 4 Corners the temps were cold, and it was getting darker.

I got up to just at the trail intersections before Blue Jay and it started to sprinkle. I stopped a little ways up to put on the vest Justin loaned me (not waterproof). It was drizzling a little as I made it to the campground, and by the time I got to the front bathrooms it was coming down. I set my bike under the oak tree and beelined for the bathroom overhang area (the only dry spot in town!). Justin joined me a minute later (he'd been there for about 30 minutes) and we hunkered down trying to stay dry, and getting colder by the minute.

We kept hoping the skies would clear and we could bust outta there without getting drenched. Luckily for me Justin had brought his cycling rain jacket (just a clear rain coat) and gave it to me for my descent. I only had my normal full finger gloves, and was wearing my BG therma-fleece knicks, and my new SmartWool socks (love 'em).

I wouldn't say we got a break, per se, but the rain went from a torential downpour to an easy drizzle, so I hopped on the bike and hightailed it out of there. No mud to speak of (the DG up top just soaks up the rain), but it was sure wet, and really cold. I got probably half a mile down the trail and my fingers started to go numb.

By the time I got to the intersection above 4 corners I couldn't feel my fingers at all. At 4 corners they were useless stubs of sausage (and felt about that big as well). Justin had suggested I skip out on the loop to finish up sooner, so I did. As I was heading straight back down the way I came a climber popped up around the corner, and in my haste to not get in his way, and also due to be unable to effectively brake, I crashed pretty good on my left knee. Kept moving, and did some hiking, but really couldn't feel the fingers much. Some feeling came back as I descended.

The trail was about 99% dry when I got to Cocktail, despite there being a faint mist still. The trail was perfect and dry the entire way down. I took my time, had a really creepy encounter with a guy climbing (I was worried he'd turn around and chase me down to the trailhead) and when I got down to the truck had never been so happy to see Justin's moto as then. The creepy guy had not followed me, but you never know!

We missed out on being able to head over to Oakley (too late), so drove back home. Justin braved the pretty cold temps on the moto.

Sunday he got out on the road for an easy spin with me! At about 25 minutes in (about twice as long as he should've been riding, period) he turned around and I hit up some bonus time.

Then it was off to the grandparents house for Thanksgiving take 2! I fell off the paleo wagon with sharing 2 beers with Justin, having some delish Old Vine Zin, and then topping it all off with a nice big slice of pumpkin pie.

Amazing what un-paleo food and alcohol will do to you! All good, though. The best way to deal with falling off the wagon is sprinting to hop back on, which is what I'm doing today!

Great weekend overall, though four days was not nearly long enough!