Three quarters full circle

The seasons have gone three quarters full circle: the Scillonian is so far into the harbour she is practically on the Ross Bridge

and the baulks are in place protecting Mousehole harbour from the winter storms.
I am back to cycling in the dark, usually in wind and rain, looking a complete plonker in my high-viz jacket and fluorescent ankle bands,
the road bike is moth-balled away awaiting the return to summer and I'm back to cycling through potholes on my Winter Bike.

This descent into winter darkness is the worst time of the year but I'm encouraged to think it is only about six or seven weeks until the days begin to draw out again and we return to the light (spot Ding Dong mine)
lets hope we don't get too much of this
before we return to misty summer mornings.

It has been a good nine months, lots of bike rides and a big effort to raise the money for the hospice, long evenings struggling with posts for the blog, creating posters and leaflets, carrying a camera on bike rides, swimming less
and cycling more.

A few promises of sponsorship have not materialised (yet?) but I think the time has come to declare the grand total of £5190. Thank you to everyone who supported me and donated to Cornwall Hospice Care and, if there is anyone out there, thank you for reading this.

That's it folks..... I'm off on my bike now.