First race of the season: check!

This past weekend marked the first weekend of races for the 2011 Collegiate road season. Saturday we raced the Bikes and Buffaloes CU criterium followed by University of Wyoming's crit in Laramie on Sunday.

Saturday was perfect weather, the FLC team won Men's C, Women's B, and Women's A races which was a first for the team. Boulder was quite the cycling scene, there were a lot of very very pretty bikes in the Open and Pro races following the Collegiate.

Photo cred: Caley Fretz
After the Collegiate race I raced the open women's race too. There were several other girls from the collegiate race in the open race, but it was completely different. As my first Cat 2 race, I would say it went pretty well. After picking up a preme, and making the break within the last few laps, I came out with an 8th place finish overall. I was the first Cat 2 finisher and was the only non-pro in the break. It was a great day of racing for sure!

Open Women Crit

Open Women Crit

Sunday we raced in Laramie, which I have to say, is not my favorite place to be on a Sunday afternoon. The course had glass, pot holes and quite a few cars on course, not to mention the constant swirling wind! But the races raced on, starting with the Men's B crit, which myself and my fellow lady teammates raced. It was pretty much an opener for our race after.

Our field showed a very sad turnout, only 4 girls raced, but FLC dominated and I ended up with the win. Woooo? Needless to say, we were all glad that Saturday went so well, Sunday was kind of a joke.

Not bad though for our first race weekend, and plus we got to stay in a hotel called the 'Sleepy Bear'...and we found a cat in one of the rooms! Big weekend for FLC, and now I have my first Cat 2 race out of the way!