MO-to the-AB, MOAB!

And we're off, like a turd of hurdles-as my wonderful mother would say. It is the last bit of spring break and I am all packed an set to ride in some red Moab dirt! This will be my second mountain bike ride of the year and I couldn't be happier. A few weekends ago marked my first 24 hour race in Sedona, AZ, 24 hours of Old Pueblo is the name. Though this trip will be different, there aren't any race plates, there are no energy goo's or pre-race rituals, nope, this trip is solely to get away from it all.

Yesterday, on my first bike ride alone (yes, the very first one alone since January) after experiencing about every emotion in the book, I came to the conclusion that I need to enjoy this whole process. The process that is, of becoming a professional cyclist. Ambitious it may seem, but goals are good, and I am putting it all out there. This is why I am going to Moab this week. January marked the first month of the first year that I will be training for anything, I will have a lot of new races to race this coming mountain bike season, not to mention the very long collegiate road season ahead of me! Getting away, fleeing responsibility, riding for the pure bliss of rubber on dirt contact, is what I am seeking on this trip. And darn it, I'm going to find it, come hell or high water, again, as my lovely mother would say.