Getting back to it

When you're racing every weekend, and have some higher priority events, it's tough to get in any decent training. Well, when you have a full time desk job that requires you to be at your desk for 8 hours a day, during normal work hours, it's tough to get in any decent training. My schedule has been sporadic and interesting at best, lately.

If I want to ride at lunch, I need to be up before 6 am, and at work at 7. Then I'm at work until 5. By the time I've run errands and gotten home and we have dinner cooked, eaten, and cleaned up, it's usually 7 or 8, and then it's time to get lunch together.

I know Luke thinks that we spend too much time with food prep, but we can't afford to eat out during the week (in addition to it costing too much, I can't afford the extra sodium, butter, fat, etc!), so it's all about taking time to get dinner and lunch RIGHT. If you're going to do something, you may as well do it 100%!

Justin and I also enjoy the food stuff lately. I used to hate the kitchen. I'm still not as good at cooking and experimenting as he is, but we kind of enjoy getting dinner together.

At any rate… got out on the bike yesterday for a solo spin. I went over an hour and a quarter, and oddly enough until the last .5mi of the ride, I didn't have to unclip ONCE! I know most of you don't ride where I do, but let me tell you… in this traffic-opolis, that is UNUSUAL!

Intervals went pretty well. I actually felt stellar for the first few. Legs were still feeling some left over fatigue by the last 2. Weather was great, and aside from thinking I was getting sideswiped on my way back to work, it was a good ride. The lady in the Lexus actually swerved two additional times into the bike lane, so I think she was probably just drunk. Or on her iPhone. Or eating. Or putting on makeup.

Next up? E2 Performance write-up and report!! Check it out later today.