The countryside is at its best at the moment, flowers are bursting out of the hedgerowsthe trees are coming into leaf
birds are singing their little hearts out and the days are getting longer.
My favourite season.
I cycled over to Helston, a good excuse to see if the bluebells are out at Godolphin, (they are just coming but will not be at their best for another week). The road to Godolphin is lovely with footpath signs and stiles tempting me to get off and walk but I was sad to be reminded that Monty is still missing.It must be terrible to lose your dog. I feel sorry for all bearded collie owners as people must look them up and down deciding if they are genuine or not.
I was also saddened to see a stoat lying dead in the roadI moved it to the side and then laid it in the grass wanting it to have some dignity in death. Roads and animals don't mix.
Helston is a nice town built on hills with old fashioned shops,
opes running between the buildings
and cherry blossom shading steps climbing up to the bowling club. I was running out of time so took the main road back but was rewarded by this wonderful house with a wall full of pigeon holes, now mostly used by jackdaws.