Riding by the sun: set and rise

This week has been interesting for training. It's one thing to do regen rides in 100* heat; it's another to do hill repeats at max effort in that temperature, in the middle of the day, with no shade and near-boiling water.

Monday night, after work, Justin suggested we get up early to get in a ride before work. This would require me to come in late. My schedule is pretty set, but I left a friendly message for the boss anyway. I was still going to get in my 8 hours at work, just needed to push them back by an hour!

The ride was awesome. Temperature wasn't as low as I expected, but even at 75~ at the start it was a lot better than at noon! The sunrise over the valley was superb; a great way to start out the day.

Tuesday night Justin grilled up one of the best tasting steaks I have ever had the pleasure of eating.

We were invited out on the weekday evening ride at the local mountain bike spot by a few people from work. Unfortunately everyone else cancelled, but four of us got to enjoy the waning light. With the odd thunderhead breaking up here and there around us, it made for some gorgeous scenery.

This morning we were back at it at sunrise...not quite the morning Tuesday had been, by all accounts (weather, traffic, sunrise, etc.), but it was good none-the-less to get in the work early before a full 9 hour desk "recovery" session!

Just you, me, and the open road...