Tredz Swansea Complete Fixie Sale

I went over to meet Nick at Tredz (Swansea) today about supporting the alleycat (stay tuned for news). They have a bunch of complete fixed gear bikes there all ON SALE! So if you are on the lookout for an off the peg complete rather than trying to restore a big old hunk of junk then now is a perfect time to pop over there and try one for size. I took pictures of the sale tickets rather than the bikes, click on the first pic to go to Tredz' website and each of the other pictures to see a nice shot of the bike in question...

tredz swansea sale fix fixed bike bicycle

tredz swansea sale kona paddy wagon

tredz swansea sale giant bowery

tredz swansea sale bianchi pista
Fixed Gear Wales says "Nice!"

tredz swansea sale charge plug
Fixed Gear Wales says "mmmmmm, nice, nice!"