Nearly there

Nearly there now and suddenly it is rather scary, I'm in that pre-going away time of panic when you feel you will never get everything done. Time to wash the official shirt, pack the guide books and collect up euros, passport and tickets. Last week we had a final get together inTruro and had our photo in the West Briton. Tomorrow I take my bike to St Austell, protect it with pipe lagging and trust to the gods that it gets on the CHC transport to London.

But before I go here are some more photos from the greatest of bike rides around our peninsula. The first view of Zennor cowering under leaden skies
and the road signs which always make me smile, what else do pedestrians do but walk?
There are lots of wonderful mile stones dotted along our roads, I will probably run out of time but but I'd like to do a post on them alone.
The blue eyed Cornish miner at Pendeen guards his nasturtiums
as I whizz along to St Just and on, past unspoilt buildings which I hope never see the light of "barn conversion"
and the flashing lights at the airport where little planes drop out of the mist to bump along the grass, to the junction with the A30 and the Friends burial ground.
The little roads near Lands End always confuse me but it is good to see that Mrs Baggit is still alive and well.
By this stage I'm fed up of stopping and starting to get my camera out so its full steam ahead through St Buryan and Mousehole to Newlyn
before turning left for home, stopping only to rescue a tiny furry caterpillar that was bravelytrying to cross the road.