Back to Basics

This weekend was somewhat different than normal. Started out Friday as Justin and I left work, and I was gussied up for Luke and Charressa's wedding rehearsal dinner!

Just a very small portion of the barrels in the tasting room

Tiny cakes

Serve yourself!

Dinner was killer (I ate way, way, way too much)

We were out kinda late, and Justin got a bit tipsy, so we slept in a little longer than planned on Saturday morning before heading out for a quick and easy road ride. I took my camera, but didn't even pull it out. Wasn't super into the ride at all, and had trouble focusing on "not" training. Weird.

We got home, sat around, then rushed to get ready for the main event!! Luke's wedding!

We got there around 2 for pre-show pictures. I wasn't sure where to go, but said hello to Charressa and the ladies, then went to chill with the boys.

All dressed up!


The happy new couple!!

Justin and Charressa's sister Tiffany

It was cool to hang with some of the race crew, especially out of the race element. For a bunch of "dirty" people we clean up all right, eh?

Beth, James, Eric, Holly, Justin, me, Monique, and Slater

Slater I think ate about 95% of the tiny breadsticks. They were delish

I took a self-portrait since I was flying "solo" with Justin up at the head table!

First dance

I got the beer placement spot-on

Justin and I made sure I "behaved" with the wine (the Tempranillo is amazing), and we tried to get to bed at a decent hour. I knew it'd be pretty warm on Sunday, and a looong day. We finally got pedaling just after 9:30.

Hello, old friend

My HR was sky high, while RPE didn't feel too bad. Not sure what is my physical issue with that lately. Trying some different things this week to see if I can get it back within reason.

Climb was good.


The sky was absolutely amazing

Fall colors

The climb up to Santiago Peak was somewhat rough. It was endless. We "bagged" it from the bottom of ITT in just over 2 hours, which isn't too bad considering my pedestrian pace. I think I saw a turtle and a sloth saunter up the hill next to me, laughing.

I was somewhat worried about how the climb back up Holy Jim would go at that point, especially since I had literally been hemorraging sweat for an hour already. I've never sweated like that before, and it didn't even feel hot, really.

We descended down from the peak (it's almost as bad going down that as it is climbing up it) and were at the Joplin trailhead in no time.

*deep breath*

The last time I rode Joplin was in probably Sept/Oct 2006? I had ridden it the first time in March 2006, and walked the entirety of it. Probably took me at least an hour to hike out. It was a much shorter "ride" this time! Made it down with one minor crash, a near cliffside slide off, and a few hike-a-bikes. Not too shabby! Parts of it were downright FUN.

Parts of it were downright gorgeous

We caught up to a few guys halfway down and cruised it out with them. Once at Old Camp we had to book, though. Chasing daylight!

Looking back from STT...

Luge, as always, was a blast

Here we go again...

Holy Jim I slowed down considerably... fatigue was catching up to me for sure. I think I made almost all of the switchbacks, though! Was stoked, especially considering I was on big wheels...

I also did my fair share of hiking...

Still hiking...

Until next time!

We've met and ride with a lot of people that got into mountain biking through or for competition. Justin and I got into mountain biking as a fun way of exercising. From that we got a little better (to where we didn't need a week off after an hour long ride!) and got really into doing long days in the mountains on our bikes. Fill up the 3L bladder, a bottle of mix, a PBJ (or PBHoney), banana, and an odd assortment of "bike food" and go ride... for hours. Then once you are tired, sore, hungry, and near bonking... finish it off with some more pedaling to end the day.

For us, it's all about the ride. I'm not about to give up XC racing, but I still love my long days in the saddle with Justin. Those I hope to never give up.