(Big) wheels keep on turning...

Finally got back on dirt this weekend! Even though I felt like I had a boat anchor attached on Saturday, it was great to get dirty again. I miss long days in the mountains, and always enjoy the extreme fatigue and mental un-acuity that come with many hours in the saddle.

A small group of us (Justin, Eric, and Joy, with honorable mention to Al who joined up after climbing up the highway from Redlands) took off from just above Mentone for the climb up to Angelus Oaks on Saturday. Sky was gorgeously blue and clear, and the temps were pretty perfect for a day in the mountains.

Fall leaves. Yes, in So Cal. Crappy pic.

Big wheels, part 1.


Courtesy of Justin:

I've determined that Armadillo Captain 29er tires do not really roll. I mean, they do, just with extreme effort.

I hadn't ridden a 29er in awhile, really, nor had I done a long day on the bike, so I wasn't sure if it was the slowness of the big wheels (haha), the fact that I was somewhat fatigued from the gym, or just general lack of fitness that left me feeling winded on every slight incline.

I somewhat redeemed myself on Sunday pushing my new SS gear (29x18 - bitchin') with faster tires and had a blast.

See you beeshes later.

He sings the songs that remind him of the good times...he sings the songs that remind him of the better times

It's about time

Single and lovin' it.

Big wheels, part deux


Killer weekend on the bike(s). I realized on Sunday that I love the Santa Ana's, and that singlespeeding is a total blast. I was pretty worked, but it just is so... je ne sais que. I don't want to say "pure". But, it's just the rider, the bike, one gear, and brakes. You can sit, you can stand, and you can brake. It's just you, the trail, and sweet, sweet suffering. I hated and loved every second of it.

No SS for me any time soon, though. Gotta train my mind and body to get ready for my next big off-season project.

BTW, can you over-reach in the off-season? No, really?

Happy Monday.