The Big Guns

A quick overview of the international riders here for the keirin tonight:

The New Zealand team has a few more reinforcements that have flown in
The British brought a handful of riders (with Jason Kenny and Matt Crampton)
10 Australians (8 men, 2 women, including Ryan Bayley, Mark French, Shane Kelly, and the Meares sisters)
Italian Roberto Chiappa
The Dutch, Tim Veldt and Teun Mulder
Josiah Ng of Malaysia
The two guys from Trinidad, Hassim and Jon
Argentinians, some resident riders, and at least one flew in

The US is bringing in its own, too, with the likes of Duvendeck adding to the mix of the T-Town Express Team riders. Every heat this morning was amazing. Even the reps where incredible. These guys can fly, and find (or make) holes where I swear there is nothing but bodies. I just might be more excited to watch the finals tonight than I am to race the madison...