No one wants to name names. But there's talk. There's questions about the lack of testing. About a guy who shows up after a long absence, and rides a flying 200 outdoors, on a rough 333, faster than he's ever gone on an indoor 250. A month of UCI events. Several International Sprint Grand Prix's. The best teams and riders from across the globe. Not a single instance of testing.

There's the up and coming American. Up and coming a little too fast, by some accounts. Suddenly he's dishing it out amongst the world's best. He was never in contention before. Now he's showing the internationals a clean set of wheels.

It's easy to read about the doping scandals amongst the European peloton and think that it's so vastly removed from our own racing. Now it looks like I've found myself living right next door to some of it. Sitting 10 feet away from it on the infield. Who knows? I hope I get tested this week. I hope we all do.