Cleaning House

It's been some hard days of training and racing lately. The Madison of the Americas on Saturday, a crit on Sunday, a long ride in the hills on Monday, and motorpacing session yesterday morning. And then I decided to race the cat. 2 Super Tuesday series last night. I was feeling pretty gassed, but a hard block now, then two days of easy riding, some openers on Friday morning, and I should be flying for the 3-day in Detroit. So I kitted up, registered for the racing, and proceeded to rock the locals. It was sweet.

I attacked with just over a lap to go in the first race (Devil's Scratch Race, eliminate 10, then a 2 km scratch) and catch the poor guy who had attacked with 4 laps to go coming out of turn 4. Crossed the line with plenty of space and hands in the air.

Next was a 5 km points race. Again, I got away on the last lap and handily won the last sprint for second.

In the final omnium event, an absurdly short 2 km scratch. I rolled to the front on the second lap, move up the the rail, and check behind me. Even was just sitting on me wheel. A pack of about 25, and not one of them made a move past me for two slow laps at the rail. Talk about being the marked man. The race was only 6 laps long, and they were content to sit on me, going back in a big wedge, at the rail doing maybe 25 km/h, for two entire laps. Finally I got someone else to come through, started to sprint after a move had gone off, and still took fourth. Not too bad.

Omnium overall: 1st.

There was a 15 km scratch race feature at the end of the night. I lapped the field with 3 other guys, then played the sprint poorly at took third. Oh well, I'd still call this one a success.

No one would give me the time of day at the start of the evening. So I took JT's advice, let my legs do the talking, and made plenty of new friends by the end of the night. Take that, T-Town.