We made it to Dortmund this afternoon, warmed up, ate, found the hotel, and took to the track to race. This place is incredible, and the racing is brutal. Here's a short list to sum things up, I'll put together a real post in the morning:

-The track has a door in it that raises the whole surface in turn 2 enough to drive a car into.
-Said door opened to allow a Blues Brothers act to come on during the pro event.
-200 laps on a 200 meter track against these guys is really hard.
-We did pretty well, didn't crash, and even scored some sprint points.
-The announcer loves to yell "Erik ZAAABEEEEELLLLLLLL!!!"
-A temporary track means harsh vertical seams in the turns, that make it feel like someone is punching you in the groin 5+ times per lap.
-The seams don't bother you as much during the race, or at least you don't notice them as much.

Time for bed. Pictures and video to come tomorrow.