Perhaps the single greatest revelation of this trip has been Müllermilch.

My new religion?

Every now and then you hear about how chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink. I never really went for it, but then again, I don't like drinking milk, and making it chocolaty only helped a little.

Enter Müllermilch. This is some sort of chocolaty, malty, dairy-based godsend. My German is shaky at best, but I think one of the ingredients is buttermilk. Maybe that's what does it.

Whatever they put in it, Adrian and I have been drinking this stuff like it's our job.

As of noon today, our trashcan contained nothing but 5 empty bottles of Müllermilch. We went back to the grocery store this afternoon to restock. We only bought Müllermilch.

I also went on a ride this afternoon with a local cyclist names Andreas who I had met on CouchSurfing. The weather was still cold, with a high of 36 today, but he was still willing to meet, and we put in about 2 hours along the Neckar River. At the end was a nice long climb, where it was snowing at the top, and cold enough that it was accumulating on the ground and buildings. It was still fairly nice when I left Minnesota, and outright warm when I was in Canada, and somehow the idea that I would be in Europe, in winter, riding my bike, has only begun to dawn on me. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder. I'm glad I brought my shoe covers...

Riding through small German towns is fun, even when the weather is cold and dreary.

Me and Andreas back in Tübingen in front of his favorite beirgarten.