I'm Czech?

I've only raced in two 6-days so far, so I'll admit my experience is pretty limited, but Munich really doesn't seem like they had it together, especially not compared to Dortmund. Case and point: If you look at the results on CyclingNews, they have me listed as being Czech. I'm not sure how this came about, particularly when you consider that we were invited as Team USA. Adrian is still from the US, even though he also has Hungarian citizenship. How did that happen? Also, all the points we earned over the three days of racing seem to have disappeared. It's not that we have zero listed as our total, there's simply a blank where there should be a number. Maybe Adrian was on to something when he postulated that there is a points exchange rate screwing us in a manner similar to what the Euro is doing to the Dollar.
One problem with racing in Europe, however, is the exchange rate. Not just the half-again Dollar to Euro exchange rate, but the way foreign riders are scored during the race. For instance, if a foreign team, let's just hypothetically say two handsome young lads from the US on the red team from the 2007 Munich 6 Day, were to score 10 points and finish at 2 laps on the final night of racing, in the results they will show up with 7 points and at 3 laps. Got it? The same exchange rate is also applied to all other non-German teams, even those on the Euro.

In other news, I woke up this morning with a cold. It was about 33 degrees outside, and going between snow and rain. I think it finally settled on sleet. These elements combined to give me approximately 90 of the most unpleasant minutes I've ever spent on a bicycle. You're probably familiar with the phase "That really chaps my ass." Today's ride gave me a whole new appreciation for those words.