Winter hit Tübingen with a vengeance last night. We got out just in time.

Sub-par training weather.

Snow, ice, everything. Fortunately, we were off to the train station, and as of 8:02 this morning, on our way to Geneva. It was snowy all through Germany, and a bit past Zurich. By the time we hit Laussane, it looked downright balmy outside. Lake Geneva to our left, with terraced vineyards stretching down to the water. In actuality, it's still cold, but it looks like. I wouldn't mind spending some time in Laussane. It looks like quite the inviting place. Maybe some summer training...

We hit Geneva, got off the train, rounded up a few Swiss Francs, got ripped off by a lazy cab driver (there was no way they would let us on the bus with all our gear) and made it to the track. On that note, here's a video from an lap around Vel d'Hiv this afternoon:

The management at this track is about as helpful as we could hope for, and then some. The director offered to let us keep our bikes in his locker, and when we asked if there was a place to store our cases as well, he went and got a key for the storage area to give us for the weekend. Pretty sweet. If nothing else pans out for housing, Adrian and I have come to the conclusion that we would be content just sleeping with the bikes. The location is unbeatable.

Perhaps it would make us bike hobos to live here. On the other hands, there are showers just down the hall...

Now it's off to find some food and meet our CouchSurf for the night. Racing starts tomorrow evening. Maybe I'll find something fun in Geneva tomorrow to talk about. If not, you'll need to wait until later for a distraction from work.