How's the training going?

Being English I am obsessed by the weather, when it felt as if spring was well on her way I was speeding along in T shirt and three-quarter leggings, now we are back to rain blown horizontally in fierce winds I've returned to gloves and dew drop on the end of my nose. Every year we get it, blackthorn winter still it could be worse the first wood anemones are out near Newmill.Last weekend the weather was fantastic and I did 77 miles which I thought was pretty good until I remembered I have to do that three days running. Living here where its only about 7 miles from the north to the south coast I end up heading east or west: east took me to Breage, St Erth and back along the north coast, decided against carrying a goose egg home in my back pack but the marmalade was tempting. On Sunday I headed west up Paul Hill (confusingly named Chywoone Hill) which is a real chain snapper but worth it as the world opens out to St Buryan and Lamorna. The stuff which Cornwall Hospice Care sent has a 16 week suggested training programme which indicates I could be up to around week 12 with my two 35ish mile rides at the weekend and three 15 or 20 milers during the week. In a month or so I'll have to take the programme a bit more seriously but I think I'll go on just enjoying myself for a bit longer.