Something different

Thanks all, for the discussion on pre-reg. I don't think I got anything figured out, but it helps to share experiences ;)

Yesterday instead of hitting the weekly dirt we decided to change it up! Well, except for Luke, who has been relegated to tarmac only for now.

My legs were not ready for that kind of effort and I'm still feeling it today. Not sure if I'm still "overreached" or just ready to get back to it after a week of regen. Tonight is going to be focused on getting a few things done and then active recovery (light spin, blood flowing, legs up, short massage).

We'll see what happens out there tomorrow. I think I will be dialing back my planned intensity for the weekend either way.

The boys heading up the road (I struggled to hold on all evening while I tried to "regen"!)

Justin out on the open roads of the loop

It was pretty spectacular out there last night... Clear blue skies, perfect temps

Mentally I feel great!

Dinner! Soo good. We polished off all the leftovers. My beef intake for the week has been met (roast beef and turkey sandwiches Tues, Wed, Thurs, beef tacos Tues/Thurs, and steak on Wed!)

Tonight's dinner should be DELISH. I'll try to get a shot before I dig in. Grilled salmon, Trader Joe's brown rice medley, and leftover salad from a few days ago. So good! Dinner of champions.