Going long!

I had the unfortunate circumstance of missing out entirely on at least one day of riding this week due to travel problems. Monday was scheduled as an off day due to travel, but then the airlines took Tuesday as well! While I really felt tired on Wednesday, we got out for a fairly easy ride on tired-ish legs at lunch, but were really short on volume for the week.

Sunday I cut our ride short simply because I was over it before it began, and then rode for an hour anyway.

So, instead of our usual hour forty-five or so that we've done after work before, we decided to go for broke and hit a long route! It was a blast. Unfortunately, because I had only been planning on a 1.5-2 hour max ride, all we had was one scoop of mix each. And, that was it.

I'll see you at the top!

Enjoying the weather

So, after we climbed up one small hill, and then a long hill, and then did some rollers... my legs shut down entirely. Mentally I felt good, but the legs had nothin' doing.

We stopped at a market long after the halfway point and got some calories in our systems

Barely made it back in time!

Then we settled in for leftovers - grilled steak and veggie sandwich and chicken breast topped with peach mango salsa. Yum!

Sorry, I know it does look kinda gross close-up. Vegetarians avert your eyes!