Windham Recon

Tuesday, after a full day in New York city (photo blog coming later), Justin and I headed W to Windham to pre-ride and do some venue recon for the day.

The machine, ready to go

Heading up the course on lap 1

Self-portrait early on in the short lap

Mostly the course is traversing the ski slopes on grass, and then riding through super fun rocky and sometimes muddy singletrack in the trees. The laps are short and fast, so we got a few pics, hit a few faster laps, and then spent about as much time "rinsing" off at the bike wash as we did pre-riding! Got in 4 laps in under 2 hours, and had a blast!

Today we heard/saw the course was dried out quite a bit from Tuesday! Looking forward to a few more laps tomorrow.

In the meantime...