It’s getting a bit close now with only five weeks to go before my bike and I set off from Tower Bridge. The first day starts with the scary ride through London traffic ,continues over the South Downs towards the ferry at Newhaven and finally ends at 3.30 am, yes 3.30 in the morning, when we get to out hotel in Dieppe.

What have I achieved since I committed myself to this challenge? I’ve cycled well over 2000 miles, sweated by Paul Hill more times than I care to count, written 28 posts and, thanks to the tremendous support of so many people, raised over £3000 for Cornwall Hospice Care.

I am sorry not to have got to Mount Edgecombe at St Austell but I’m so glad I went to St Julia’s very early in my campaign. I didn’t find it easy, it felt uncomfortable knowing that I could cycle there and cycle away again but once I’d asked at reception about taking a photo of my bike by their signboard several nurses came out to encourage me, their dedication was inspiring and I left with a huge sense of gratitude for all they do. In varying degrees the hospice touches the hearts of so many people at various times and it deserves our support. That is why I have chosen to do my very small bit to support them.

It is hard work training and raising money, but it is also fun, you see so much from a bike, you are high enough to peer over hedges, fast enough to get a reasonable distance away from the familiarity of home and yet not so fast that you cannot enjoy all the great things around.

The next few weeks are going to be busy so there may be fewer posts.
Will anyone notice or do all these late night sessions with the computer fall on deaf ears?
No backing out now so a good excuse to include again a photo of my favourite boat in Newlyn