Well, it's been 2 weeks, so I guess it's about time for the New York City blog! I'll try to keep text to a minimum.

Look at the pretty pictures!

We got up pretty early and headed to the train station.

Grand Central Station

My first look at New York!


I dug the old churches

Lots of Trump around here

Central Park!

New York pizza

My first subway

Bowling Green, so we could "see" the Statue of Liberty

The only Chipotle I saw the entire trip (we didn't eat there)

What's with all the security? Oh...

Ground Zero

Pier 17 near the Brooklyn Bridge

Times Square was off the hook

The M&M store is THREE stories

Sweet bike lane

Bike shop!

Central Park, revisited

Dinner at Uno's at Pier 17

Ahhh... long day

My massive cookie

I was pretty tired late in the afternoon, but we had done a TON of walking. Justin said it was probably like 25 miles. So, it was at least 15! :) We got some NY pizza, ate ice cream, saw the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue, a bunch of Trump Towers, walked through Central Park, bought a camera, saw Ground Zero, saw Wall Street and the NYSE, rode the subway, took trains in and out of Grand Central Station, visited 5th Avenue, and even went in a bike shop! All in all, great day.