3 Jours de Genéve

Vel d'Hiv, in Geneva, Switzerland

The other day we got the official confirmation that we will be riding the 3 Jours de Genéve. So now Switzerland has been added to the racing plans. The 3-Days of Geneva isn't part of the UIV Talent Cup, so there isn't a U-25 category like the other races I'll be doing. The upside is that by racing the pro/elite field, we'll get to do everything. Most of sixes only have the U-25 riders doing a 200 or 250 lap madison each night. But in Geneva we'll get to do the whole show: madison, points, keirin, and even derny racing. I have no idea how that's going to work out. Should be exciting though.

I hope I get a fat derny driver.

Also, when I say "we," I'm referring to myself and my partner for the European 6-days, Adrian Hegyvary. I haven't met him yet, but in talking to him, he seems really nice, and had some good advice as to what to bring, etc. Last season he won a day at the Coppenhagen 6-day with Kevin LaCombe, so he's plenty fast as well.

Vel d'Hiv is the velodrome we'll be racing on in Geneva. It looks like they've been into derny racing since the 1920's, at least.