Welcome to Canada

After two flight cancellations, a rescheduling, placement on a different airline, a rerouting, and a late plane, I've made it to Canada. I'm staying in Waterloo with Rob Good, the director of the Forest City Velodrome. It may have been some hellish travel, but we did get to take a short diversion on the way from Buffalo to Waterloo and see Niagara Falls, complete with the miniature Canadian equivalent of Las Vegas, the EPCOT Center, and State Fair Midway all rolled into one. There were at least 3 wax museums (famous villains, rocks stars, and normal--in that wax museum sort of normal), an indoor amusement park, a casino, and an animatronic guy climbing a rope outside the Guinness Book of Records Museum. Oh yeah, and the whole place is covered, top to bottom, in neon lights. Nothing like letting the majesty of nature shine through.

It looks like the bikes and wheels survived the trip, but the TSA did open up my backpack, and spill H.E.E.D. powder everywhere. Now nearly everything I have with me is covered in the residue of a sticky powder that smells and tastes like lime dish soap.