It Official!

After a season of traveling, more racing than I've ever done, and several months of not getting any certain confirmations, I've been confirmed to start the Dortmund 6-Day this year. I leave on Monday for 2 weeks of training and racing at the Forest City Velodrome in London, Ontario, and depart directly from there for Amsterdam. On November 1, I'll get to test my legs in the European 6-day scene.

If I'm lucky, we'll be able to leverage the Dortmund start into an invite to the Munich 6-day the next week. After that I'll be racing a 3-day in Geneva before moving on to Gent. If I get to race there, that would be amazing. Otherwise I'll stick around, meet up with Bob Williams and Bill Nicholson, and take it in as a spectator.

Tentatively, after coming back to the US for a couple weeks, I'll be off to the Burnaby Velodrome in Vancouver, British Columbia for a 6-day that runs from December 30 to January 4. Forget the cross season as being epic, the 6-day scene is where the real action is!