Day 2: The Taste of Success

Very briefly, we just got back (it's going on 1:00 AM, and we leave for the track tomorrow at 10:00 AM) from a much more successful night of racing.

My legs felt absolutely ruined during warm-ups, and my hopes were down. But things came around once the racing started. I got in a break during the initial scratch race, and took third. In the first madison, I took second in my sprint, and Garnett did the same in his. We messed up the last sprint yet again, but did manage place in one of the primes, netting a bit of cash.

I was robbed in the miss-and-out. I came over the top, once again playing the devil, and was called out. I maintain I nipped Byer at the line, and many fans corroborated my claim, but the officials didn't go for it. Oh well.

In the second madison, I was feeling good. All the twitchiness and tension of yesterday's racing was out of my system, my top speeds were about 4 or 5 km/h faster, and my legs were feeling better as well. Garnett and I won a prime, took second in another (The primes here go to more than just the first team. It's pretty sweet). I won my sprint, Garnett took second in his, and we reclaimed second place. When the final sprint came around, I threw Garnett in with 5 to go, and he punched it with everything he had. It turned out to be enough, because when he threw me in with 2 to go, I inherited about a 10 meter advantage. I came past the Quebec team's relief rider, (these guys have been pulling some dangerous, illegal stunts these last few days) just before they lived up to their reputation, and in some manner or another, stopped up all the chasers. I crossed the line with 15 or 20 meters, netting first place in the double points for the final, and Garnett and I strengthened our hold on second.

I'll be glad if tomorrow goes as well as today did, and really happy if it continues to improve like this as I get more comfortable with the track and Garnett and I improve at racing together.