On the road again

I've had about month back in Minnesota, and now it's time to keep moving.

Next stop: Elite Track National Championships in Los Angeles.

I'll be racing the scratch race on Thursday, points race on Friday, and the madison on Saturday. The first two races are important, but what I really want to do is rock the madison. But yet again, I'll be riding it with someone I've never met, this time with a racer out of Texas named Steen Rose. He seems like a nice guy, and has some good results, so hopefully everything will come together.

Also going out this year from Blaine are Captain Midnight, Hanz, Franz, and DGC. It should be a fun week.

Bob and Bill have been doing a ton of work driving the motor for me, and plenty of other riders have come out to help me train as well (Sickboy and Dubay especially). It would be awesome if I could transfer some of that training into decent results this year at Nat's. Time will tell.