2 quick things

First up, I spent most of my week berating Canon for having crappy communication and customer service. The issue? They notified me there was a known issue with my camera, sent me a shipping label, I shipped off the camera and couldn't get any info about the status. In the mail last night I got a letter saying they had received the camera (weird, since Wednesday I couldn't get a status update, and the letter came from OH, so they would've had to have known?). Then I checked the door and had a FedEx missed you notice.

Justin headed down to the FedEx location down the street, and came back with my camera! What the?? Oh well, STOKED. I felt like half a person without my 950IS. My dad's camera was a cool substitute, but it just wasn't the same! I feel complete again, and hope to have some good shots from Sunday if it dries out.

Second of all, in case you don't read Fat Cyclist, today Twin Six is ponying up HALF THEIR GROSS/TOTAL SALES today to the Fat Cyclist LiveStrong page today. So, any sales that go through today, $0.50 for every dollar you spend will go to a good cause. I always feel like helping out, but I don't have a few hundred dollars to donate. Buying a Twin Six shirt and getting to contribute a bit to a good cause works for me.

So, check out their goods, order a shirt, a jersey, a pair of socks or something and feel good about donating to a good cause!