In the dark

Yippee, the days are drawing out but most of my rides are still in the dark. Actually I quite like it when the world reduces to a tiny hemisphere of lamp light and I go into a world of my own. It's best not to arrive anywhere except back home, fluorescent tops, bum and knee saggy leggings and day glow ankle bands are not elegant.
I know that spring is on her way because I'm beginning to see frogs and toads crossing the roads, every time I have to stop and carefully carry them to the grass verge. It's embarrassing to be caught red - frog handed but I can't bear to see them squashed, little arms stretched out in vain towards the safety of the verge.
Pathetic as it sounds I also stop to remove worms from the road but I do draw the line at slugs which have to take their slimy chance.
I am the person who moves dead rabbits, badgers and foxes out of the road. I hate to watch their bodies flattened a little more by every passing car. It's best if the buzzards and magpies or even then blow flies can clean up their once proud bodies.
Back to the dark: there are strange rustlings in the bushes, the rare and silent shadow of a barn owl and the tooth rattling pot hole that you know all about yet still catches you out, the constant water leaks near Trythall School and Trescowan and friendly hootings and flashing from cars that pass in the night.