It is hard work getting started on preparations. I spent ages last weekend
getting together a leaflet to publicise the trip and get sponsorship.
Because I want to use the Cornwall Hospice logo I sent it to Karen Holman to check it was OK only to be told I had to include a paragraph of “small print”. This wouldn’t fit on the A5 sheet so it’s back to the drawing board.

Last weekend was dry and I managed four bike rides, all about 15 miles and all quite hilly. Things looking good until I was doing a forward bend at yoga and something in my back went twangggggg. Thankfully Clare Conboye’s healing hands came to the rescue and I’m now back in the saddle, albeit in gale force winds and with the threat of ice and snow this week. Its not easy being a cyclist in January and February, especially when limited to after work and evenings.