When I got up Tuesday morning - it was cold out. Cold for the area, anyway. After 4+ days of solid drizzle there was a nice layer of winter frost on everything…and unlike the norm - it was still there hours later on anything that wasn't in direct sunlight!

Also got my latest weight weenie addition later that night and shaved another 57g from the bike! Not earth shattering, I know.

The week has basically been spent trying to kill my legs. It's going well so far, at least as far as I can tell. Tuesday I felt spectactular. It was a fairly great day to be outside. After 5 days of drizzle the sun was shining. It was somewhat windy and temps were cold for the area, but it was one of those days I was wishing I could ride for 5 hours instead of just 1. I was done with my intervals and on the flats on the way back to work just feeling like a million bucks. One of those days where the pedals are turning effortlessly and you're wondering if you're really turning that gear?

Wednesday was a bit warmer, and I had some harder efforts to put out (well, a smidge easier, but also longer).

Heading up there

The pro's will soon be heading up (the other side) there

I basically killed myself doing AE intervals on the first hill and my legs haven't been the same since!

Wish the snow capped peaks would've come out more clear

New Nema gloves (for mountain biking, but they worked to keep my hands toastier on a cool-ish day)

For the most part I did the remaining intervals (I went too early on one hill, or rather… went too hard too early - and had to sit up) successfully, and hit one last 5-6 minute climb spot on, and I felt good doing it.

The ride past In & Out was almost painful! It smelled sooo good. I've held off for almost 5 years now, not giving in any time soon!

I kept riding toward my monster of a PB&J awaiting me

Legs were totally worked the rest of the day, but I tried to hydrate and "rest".

They're definitely "sore" today (way more than they have been during the week in months), but I think I can hit my tempo ride tonight spot-on and be able to call my weekday workouts successful for this week. STOKED!

What I'm not stoked on is the forecast. The mountain biking gods are really testing my dedication this month! I've got a tentative ride plan for this weekend that I think will work either way. It isn't going to be much fun doing a 3.5 hour road ride soaking wet, but that's life!

Probably won't get many photos, so enjoy them while they last!