Quiet week

As you can tell, I'm sure, by my silence, it's been a pretty quiet week. I found out Monday that my training just wasn't cutting it for build. My legs were plenty sore, despite a lower volume, last week, but it wasn't enough.

Friday I had some wine for the first time in quite awhile…

Yeah, it was good. But, I haven't finished off the bottle. Yet.

I got in my 6+ hours of solid road riding Saturday and Sunday. While I yearn for dirt, Justin's shoulder is still injured and road riding doesn't bother it the way mountain biking does, so we're getting in a lot of road miles. Likely this weekend will be more of the same.

Saturday we slept in a bit and decided to hit a local hilly route out to the south. It was chilly in the morning air, but the skies had cleared (despite an early week forecast of straight rain).

We managed to get in about 3.5 hours of decent hills. Next time I'll hit the hills a lot harder!

Somehow I don't have my pics from Saturday…so, you'll have to use your imagination. The blue sky was a welcome sight, and the hills were nice.

Sunday we got up a bit earlier due to having family plans in the early afternoon. Hit up a ride to the NW out to some more rural roads. After our minor run-in with a jerk driver on Saturday we were looking forward to less vehicles…

Spotted some friends early on, but didn't stay to chat long. I had a time cut off!

Was happy to be riding with this guy again

Snowy peak in the distance

The unkempt roads had a bit of mud on them and the pavement has been beat up by the rains!

Snow in the distance was somewhat majestic

Despite not working all that hard over the weekend, my legs were pretty torched. I overate and overdrank on Sunday, so I didn't feel very good on Monday morning. Still trying to recover from that debacle.

Last night I did a Friel test. I know I'm gaining fitness and speed, but it seems like my HR just doesn't max out the way it used to. Weird, right? I just can't get my HR up to where I used to be able to get it! My legs are advising me that I'm working really hard, though. So, I don't know.

After the test I ate a big dinner of chicken and yellow sweet potatoes, which were delish. I wanted to recover a bit and refuel for another harder day of big efforts and high intensity climbing. Unfortunately I couldn't get to sleep. Somehow we've managed to get stuck living below every family on planet earth that has no sense that other people are in existence. Just extremely loud, rude people. Who keeps 2 year old's up all night anyway? They woke me up again at 2 am with the kids running back and forth. Are you kidding me? It doesn't even matter if I did have time in the morning, there's no way I could be loud enough to cause them to have to wake up. I just wish the kids had to go to school at 8 am cause there's no way they'd be up until after midnight every night!

Today the legs automatically felt loaded up as we sprinted for a light, and they didn't get much better. I managed to do my intervals pretty good on the climbs. I didn't hit the HR level Justin requested, but I couldn't have worked any harder. I did manage to take the stairs on the way back to my desk, so maybe I should've gone harder? Haha.

Tomorrow is a bunch more intensity and 2 hours of night riding. Good times!

Sorry for the lack of excitement. Maybe I'll have some night ride shots tomorrow?