Bike to Work Day 2009

Justin and I actually used to commute 2-4 days a week throughout parts of 2006, 2007, and 2008. As it happened, Friday was always our off day to be rested and ready for the weekend, so we never seemed to commute on "Bike to Work Day", even though we did throughout that week.

Well, last weekend in San Diego we saw signs for Bike to Work week, and it got the gears turning in my head. Now we ride on Friday's, so it'd be perfect to commute in!

Due to training and the time involved in commuting, we tend to not bike commute in anymore, unfortunately. But, it was a great day to do it last Friday.

Completely, massively full pack ready to go

Water and coffee, the essentials to any commute

May not look bad, but that pack was HEAVY. Shoes, jeans, belt, clothes for the day, 2nd pair of bike clothes for lunch ride, lunch, breakfast, and coffee mug, in addition to random women's goodies that are found in a purse. Saddle wasn't so comfortable with the loaded pack!

Traffic was really light on the way there

Breakfast is better after a ride

I'll be honest, our commute is short. Less than 17 minutes of ride time. So, it was cool.

No photos from the ride home. Too much traffic!

If you missed out, no worries. Check back with your local government next May to find out what activities your city/county may offer for Bike to Work day. Our county didn't even have a day or site with info, but many bigger cities do!

Next up: weekend report!