Slow week

This week has gone by really slow! I have jam packed a ton of stuff into it, but I can't believe it isn't Saturday already.

Between added volume and gym workouts, this week has been full of exercise! It's been great and I'm feeling good. Sore, but nothing unexpected.

The mercury is rising, so our evening rides have been pretty spectacular.

Tuesday was a chill lunch ride with some guys from work

Last night Justin and I headed to the hills for some easy efforts and steep descents. The headwind was CRAZY! Picture doesn't do it justice.

Gotta love this one! It's more fun to descend than to climb, but I'll admit...I get nervous about being able to stop everytime.

Quiet-ish roads on the way back to town...

Hope to get a few good shots tonight, time permitting.

I'm looking forward to this weekend! Lots of fun riding coming my way. I can't wait.