Nature Walk

In glorious sunshine about 20 people and Grace set off from the pub for a perfect walkBrian had said that he did not want to be described as an 'expert' but he was incredible, not only could he name the birds, their songs and the plants but he shared fascinating stories about them all AND he could explain the principles of the hydraulic ram.
Passing between blackthorn and hawthorn bushes a white throat called and our legs brushed between the bluebells and stitchwort. We joined the coast path in sight of Tater Dhu light house and Brian showed us the shy little squilland described the difference between sea campion and the more common bladder campion. Fulmers were busy in their nests and buzzards hung in the thermals above our heads.
The coast path was at its best and made the perfect contrast to the dappled path back through the woods beside the Lamorna stream.Thank you to everyone who joined the walk and donated to the hospice and an enormous thank you to Brian who gave up his Sunday morning and shared his incredible knowledge.
Including two donations from people who were unable to come we raised £90 for Cornwall Hospice Care.