Turn Right At The Llamas

The recent floods washed out my lane and I was only able to get out by mountain bike so by this weekend I was ready for a proper ride and did my second trip to Falmouth. Since I knew the way I kept stopping to take photographs rather than pour over the map, much nicer but not conducive to a fast ride nor getting fit. I don't know as much as I wish I did about mining but it was interesting to peer over a hedge and see a line of chimneys all with their brick tops presumably following a lode.

Every year I wonder if the ash or the oak will be the first into leafthis year I am sure it is the oak which bodes well for the summer.
"if the oak is out before the ash we will have plenty of corn to thrash"

After the "Falmouth 6" sign there is a nasty bit of main road with crazy cars roaring past well over the designated 50 limit ....but it is lovely to turn right at the llamas and get onto the quieter road through Mabe Burnthouse and even lovelier to get the first view of boats up the river towards PenrynBy this time I was running late so no time for photos of the elegant Georgian and early Victorian houses on North Parade, more of those next time, nor of the yummy chips which ended the evening.

Don't forget the Birdie Walk Sunday 10 May, starting 10 o'clock at Lamorna Wink pub. Places limited so please book by emailing peggyrickaby@ladydowns.com or ringing 796952